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QHA Trent Turkey

With the contract signed with QHA Trent, QHA Trent Turkey started its activities in July 2019.

QHA Trent Accreditation as the sole authorized company name for all activities of the organization in Turkey serves QHA Trent TURKEY brand. TURKEY behalf of QHA Trent negotiations and deal-making authority in Turkey have been defined for trawell Group UK.

First, after Turkey health system related assessments and studies on the health care system BREXIT United Kingdom expectations were made. Made of experts to take part in the process of accreditation of health facilities in Turkey after studies education in the priority of Turkey’s health system it has been completed.

QHA Trent Turkey head office is in the UK for better coordination.

Our advantages

Advantages of Choosing the QHA Trent Accreditation System

UK Standards

Unique access and internal evaluation system

Intense review and practical advice / resources

Helps you attract qualified staff to your institution

You become part of the sharing network with quality institutions

Future-oriented positioning of your healthcare facility

Importance of Accreditation

Above all, the QHA Trent accreditation certificate is the most important accreditation certificate for the post-BREXIT period.

QHA Trent is an organization that aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care globally. The easiest and most reliable way to improve your institution’s healthcare services is to accredit your healthcare facility to meet our standards.

Health facilities that work with QHA Trent and which are found suitable according to our criteria are rewarded with an accreditation certificate and other accredited health facilities become part of our organization. All QHA Trent accredited healthcare facilities offer the highest possible quality of service to meet the commitment to provide patient-safe care.

Services Provided

  • Sharing knowledge and experience by joining the “QHA Trent” accredited hospitals and clinics network anywhere in the world
  • Counseling, expert advice and assistance for all types of health accreditation
  • Developing expert consultancy services and solutions from branding to promotion in all topics of health tourism
  • Medikal turizm, seyahat sağlığı, uluslararası sigortacılık, kurumsal yönetim, klinik yönetişim konularında özel danışmanlık
  • Education, training and continuous professional development services focused on health tourism
  • Corporate quality management consultancy
  • Quality oriented information on your behalf in congresses and seminars
  • Online and on-site training on international communication, leadership and brand culture

How does QHA Trent Accreditation work?

QHA Trent works with the aim of concluding all processes of accrediting health facilities positively or negatively within 3 months. This process, which takes approximately two years in many accreditation systems, is concluded very quickly by including healthcare facility officials and employees.

The accreditation process also provides opportunities for the healthcare facility to develop new high-quality and patient-safe policies, practices and procedures.

Process Flow

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